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“Ixthioessa” hotel, a traditional newly built facility of high standards, is located at the ring road leading to Chora (A’ Punta). Spectacular view of the Castle, the blue sky and the sea from all rooms and the spacious veranda. The visitor has the feeling of a traditional Astypalean house, however with all modern comforts. Free Wi Fi available in all rooms and the Reception.

New Offers

  • 70 € the double room Breakfast plus car included.
  • 90 € the suites breakfast plus car included .


Hotel "Ixthioessa"
Address: A Punta, Astypalaia, zip code: 85900
Customer Service : Xaralampi Eurosini
Reservation Phone : 22430 61691, 22430 61233, 22430 62049
Mobile 6945377944

Greek Telephone Code: 0030